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Started September 11, 2023! - It's not too late to start.

  • Read the Best 100 Scriptures in the Bible.
  • Gain an understanding of the overarching narrative from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Review this page to get started TODAY!
  • You can jump in at any time.

*This is a self-led reading plan. It does not replace regular Sunday School.

You probably have heard of reading plans that span 1 or 2 years. The E100 is not an entire-Bible reading plan. The E100 is much more straightforward: 50 essential Old Testament readings spread out over 10 weeks, followed by 50 essential New Testament readings spread out over another 10 weeks. That’s 5 short essential readings each week over 20 weeks to get an overview of the entire Bible. I invite you to take this journey with me!

Reading the Bible can be one of the most daunting things we face as Christians, especially in an era where Bible literacy has dropped sharply. Admittedly, we all could do a better job reading our Bible. After all, the Bible is the very Living Word of God that speaks to us anew every day, giving wisdom, insight, and knowledge into the workings of our Heavenly Father and guidance for our lives. Yeah, I guess it is essential. But how do I do it? Good question.

This Fall and into the Spring, St. Paul’s and St. Johannes Lutheran Churches will undergo a unique Bible self-led reading challenge to assist with all those fears and concerns. It is called the E100 challenge: the big story of the Bible. This method has worked for over 1 million people in 5,000 churches in 20 countries and seven languages. Together, we will read our Bibles in a new way and aim for greater biblical literacy and connection with God.

How to Participate: Participate in as much or as little as you like

  1. Review the program details on this page.
  2. Watch the archived Zoom Overview and Launch video HERE. The passcode is #e100spsj
  3. We began with our first Scripture passage on September 11. If you are starting after September 11, jump in where everyone is at that moment (we read five passages a week--just count backward or email me to ask). Also, if you get behind, give yourself grace; do not approach this challenge by being legalistic.
  4. I will write a blog post on one of the week’s readings every week. This is the blog link: (bookmark this page for later easy access). These posts will also be emailed if you're on the church mailing list and posted on both churches' Facebook Pages: “St. Paul’s Lutheran Church” and "St. Johannes Lutheran Church."
  5. Beginning Wednesday, September 13 at Noon and continuing every Wednesday following, I will host a weekly 1-hour in-person and Zoom E100 class in the St. Paul’s Conference Room where we will discuss one or more of the readings from the previous week: ZOOM Link HERE and Passcode 123456 (we’ll use the same link and passcode every week). *TIP: Bookmark this link to your web browser for easy access later. These recordings will also be available on the St. Paul's Blog page, a link from a weekly churchwide email, and both churches' Facebook Pages.

*A NOTE to techy-people: Join my E100 Reading Group on the Bible App. You will have to install the app on your smartphone. Visit the following link on your mobile phone browser: HEREThis phone-based app is excellent for people who would rather read the Bible from their device than on paper. In addition, this particular reading plan includes 1) a devotional and 2) an option to post publically to our reading group how the reading spoke to you. 

Whatever Bible you choose, I look forward to doing the E100 challenge with you (yes, I’m doing it too). Together, we will dive into the Biblical story in a new and exciting way. This is an excellent opportunity to grow in your faith. 

Below are links to 1) download the paper reading plan where you can check off each day's progress and 2) download a resource I wrote about Bible basics. Again, please email me with any questions.

I hope you can participate, and I love being your pastor.

Pastor Aaron 

DOWNLOADS: E100 Bible Reading Plan |  Bible Basics Overview